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Tabula Rasa

(also known as The Arch Conspirators)

Below: The Arch Conspirators, by John Sloan

The Arch Conspirators, by John Sloan

Lucy is an Artist. No one understands her.

Lucy sees life through the viewfinder of her closest companion, a 16mm Bolex camera. Lucy doesn’t make “movies” — she is a Filmmaker.

Like any true Artist, Lucy sees things the rest of us don’t see.

Such as the French tricolor she saw fly off the top of the Washington Square Arch …

Or Marcel Duchamp, the Dadaist artist, singing the Marseillaise …

Or the panhandler who looks a lot like John Sloan, her father’s favorite painter — who died in 1951 …

Lucy’s getting ready to share her Art with the world. But she doesn’t think the world is ready for her.

Lucy is twelve years old. No one understands her.

And at this rate, no one ever will …

Alternate Sides Of The Street

This is a short screenplay that evolved into Tabula Rasa. It’s the story of how Lucy’s parents came to move to SoHo.

To read Tabula Rasa and/or Alternate Sides Of The Street, just use the form below to send me an e-mail letting me know why you’d like to see them. Within twenty-four to forty-eight hours I’ll reply with a password and a link to an Adobe Acrobat PDF file. You don’t have to be a movie producer or a professional anything to read my work … I’d just like to know why you’re interested. All I ask in return is that you send me an e-mail when you’ve read it with an honest appraisal. (And of course, if by some chance you are a film producer or a professional something, all the better …)

Also, I’m not a spammer and I will keep your e-mail address confidential – in fact, I promise that after we’ve corresponded, I’ll delete your address.

Thanks for your interest!


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